Fuegos del Apóstol/ Saint James’ Evening.

El día a día/ The days we're living, Lugares que he visto/ Places I haven been

La víspera del Día de Santiago (25 de julio), la noche se viste de luz para recibir las festividades. Cada año es producida por un grupo diferente de maestros pirotécnicos… Y el año que viene, Año Santo, año grande para Santiago de Compostela, será sin duda para disfrutar.




In the night before Saint James Day (July 25th), light comes to life just to show us the way to our own path, our own Camino… Next year, The Holy Year, when this magic night and day goes on a Sunday, the entire world (and we like to think, and we know for sure that it is just not the Catholic people) wants to be here, with us, enjoying the magic of a thrill night like this. The center of our little city, the Cathedral, drags with light, music, feelings, sensations and people, thousands of people, that takes the city’s streets like arteries of this whole body that Earth is and that is described in the entire Camino, or Way of Saint James.




Fuegos del Apóstol/ Apostle Fires.